Oosterhout Container Terminal

Founded in the year 2000, OCT (Oosterhout Container Terminal B.V.) has established itself as a high quality terminal located in the south-west of the Netherlands. Our strategically important location at the Wilhelmina channel allows our container terminal to fulfill its role as one of the key logistic locations in the Netherlands. Processing dozens of cargo shipments each day, containing semi and fully manufactured goods, the scope and size of the OCT services continue to grow as they have done throughout the last decade.

In close cooperation with our clients and several established partners, we continuously endeavor to further develop both our transport services as our ancillary tasks. Thus we assure that our solutions are always tailored to the needs of our clients.


Transportation over water

Waterborne transportation is the future of international logistics. It provides for a reliable, flexible and sustainable alternative for the ever increasing burden and costs of road transport. OCT developed a transshipment model which seamlessly integrates road and water transport, leading to considerable reductions in queuing delays, flexible operations and an ideal interconnection between routes.
OCT offers a complete one-stop service, from conditioned and secured storage on our extensive premises, to handling all required paperwork with customs. We continuously invest in expanding both the quality as the size of our facilities. By recently doubling the length of our docks from 130 to 345 meters and putting a second gantry crane into service, we now offer the capacity for three ships to dock simultaneously at our terminal.

Over 40 OCT employees enable the 24/7 operational capacity of our location. According to current 2012 forecasts, OCT will deliver over 52,000 containers to clients this year.

Brabant Intermodal

The continuously increasing demand for mobility solutions ensures that developing the most effective ways of transportation is a continuous focus for OCT. One of our concrete initiatives and participations wherein these ideas are shaped is...



In close cooperation with several established partners, we continuously develop our services in transport and all ancillary services; creating tailored solutions for all our clients. OTS is also a certified work placement company for apprenticeships.


AEO certificate

Since 2009, OCT is in possession of the AEO Certificate (Authorized Economic Operator) granted by the customs authority. This AEO Certificate is granted to organizations with an international logistics scope.